My Story

My name is Tatiana Albrecht, I am a Gemologist, Diamond Expert and GemLover.

I’ve had a passion for jewelry since my childhood. When my mom wasn’t at home I quietly sneaked into my parents’ bedroom, opened mom’s jewelry box and put every single piece on me.

I got my first degree in International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies and used to work in this field for a while but I knew there was more out there for me.

After moving to the USA I graduated as a gemologist and diamond expert, eagerly studying all the aspects and nuances, spending days and nights reading gemological books and magazines, taking private classes and upgrading my knowledge. Further, I had my first trip to Asia and couldn’t stop…I’ve visited many gemstones producing countries, attended a lot of gem shows, had private tours to mines, factories, markets, and made great relations with dealers. I’ve always had a great taste and decided to open a Custom Made Jewelry line "Albrecht Jewelry", where each piece starts with an idea, which, after passing through certain stages, takes a tangible form. Every single detail of a future creation is manually drawn, every single gemstone is hand selected, every part of a piece is handcrafted.

A dress is bought, shoes are picked up, a new purse has been waiting for a long time to «be walked out»… But there is something inside you, which can’t calm down as something else is still missing… A NEW PIECE OF JEWELRY…


The jewelry creation starts with an idea, which, after passing through certain stages, takes a tangible form. An image of the future piece may take a place in your imagination or you can go through thousands of pictures and existing jewelry sets. At this stage all design ideas, options, approximately budget are discussed.


A professional Jewelry designer is involved in this picture, who manually draws every single detail, determines all the parameters and dimensions of the next jewelry piece.


A professional qualified gemologist takes part in the process. I personally select each jewel, based on your preferences and stated budget. The combination of excellent gems’ characteristics and reasonable price is guaranteed.


At this stage of the process your «baby» turns into a masterpiece. You can visualise your piece with high 3D rendering. Then waxing, casting, mounting, stone settings and final polishings take place.


Are you ready to see your BEAUTY?!! Then sit back, enjoy a glass of cold champagne and tread on air! This is how ALBRECHT JEWELRY works.