4.02 ct Darker Green Loose Sapphire 10.39 x 7.61 x 5.41 mm, Unheated

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Description :

Large 4.02 ct No heat dark color shifting sapphire: dark teal outdoors and dark green indoors. Blackish in lower to moderate light conditions, with crisp color flashes. Eye clean stone. Mysterious and unusual! 

Weight: 4.02 ct

Dimensions: 10.39 x 7.61 x 5.41 mm

Shape & Cut: Octagon mixed cut

Treatment: Untreated

Comments: Low temperature heating is an accepted treatment for sapphires. Over 90% sapphires in the market are heat treated. It is used to improve their color and clarity. Untreated sapphires get their color and beauty created by nature only, which adds more rarity and value to a stone.